Safari Experiences are a truly unique way to approach to business development and growth. Here you find something different, refreshing and a little challenging (that’s a good thing). From our awesome Grid sessions to our catered networking lunches, you’ll grow at a ridiculous pace unlocking potential that you never knew existed. Welcome to Safari Experiences.

Safari Success Conference Sessions

Safari Network Centers

When you want to fuel your passion for creativity and achievement, biblically rooted with a firm focus on Christ to lead, Safari is where you make thousands of like-minded contacts. Building your business, offering service, developing new companies, expanding income streams, and hitting new benchmarks should be exciting and fun. Safari is where you will meet the very people that can help you start, grow, diversify, and access customers, capital and markets. We are here to help deliver the things you didn’t learn in college, you know, the practical stuff that enables you to get things done (if you didn’t go to college, your secret is safe here), and to remain forever current with advancing skills sets.

Growth is a lifelong adventure and time is a precious commodity. We’ll help you get more done in less time. You’ll gain greater confidence, capabilities and the peace of mind that comes from Christian professionals fully committed to pouring expertise, contacts, ideas and resources into one another’s endeavors. Each lesson is instructed in interactive sessions by leading experts in their fields. It is the best business conference, seminar and networking event you’ve ever been to. It repeats every month and provides support every day, with fresh content and additional faces at every event.

safari - rapid fire networking

Safari Rapid Networking

Have you ever practiced your company presentation to friends to help shake the nerves and gain some confidence? Have you ever wondered why the words you use don’t generate better results? Have you ever had trouble accessing key contacts and compelling people to open their life’s address books to introduce you?

That’s why we created Safari Grid Sessions as a cornerstone to Safari experiences. It’s a combination of expert, rapid mentoring to refine the way you make offers and requests. It then transforms into a transactional event as you engage in an afternoon of the most effective, personalized, direct networking you’ve ever experienced. In the Grid Session Rapid Networking session you will develop lifelong skills, partnerships and friends.

safari - gatekeeper chats

Gate Keeper Chats

World class Christian speaker’s will be brought in monthly speaking on real issues. Marriage, personal finances, apologetics, you name it. Your business life will only be as good as your home life. The gate keeper events will provide some awesome real life application that will grow you spiritually, mentally and emotionally. This is where life happens.

We also provide scheduled evening classes on apologetics specifically for families with children 12-18, the influential years where doubts often arise. With interactive apps the audience can submit confidential questions and scenarios, addressing the tough questions and areas of concern. You’ll come away feeling more secure, refreshed and confident in your own faith.


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