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Safari has an established team of innovators covering vast amounts of experience covering virtual and augmented reality as well as media. Safari is a subsidiary of SameDay Security, Inc. who has established an ongoing relationships with the likes of AWS at Amazon and New Mexico State University. We are committed to continuing the creation of new interactive virtual reality programs that will directly relate to business education.

The users will be placed in interactive situations in simulated 3-D environments. You will be able to learn things like capital formation and sales techniques. In a certain scenario, you will be placed in a room full of investors. They will probe you with questions, requiring a response allowing you to work the kinks out of your presentation. You will develop answers to questions you didn’t know you needed. The best part? You can do this from the comfort of your own home, with nothing more than a virtual reality headset. You will be equipped to answer any and all questions before stepping into the room.

You can learn how to speak to crowds. You’ll experience interactive negotiation sessions. These scenarios give you the upper hand and teach you all of the practical stuff you missed at business school.

Leveraging our virtual reality capabilities, Safari is embarking on an ambitious mission through its media department to create the Bible in 3-D virtual reality. A viewer will be able to immerse themselves into biblical times.

You will be able to interact with Moses at the Red Sea crossing. You will be able to see the dove descend upon Jesus at His baptism. The Bible will come alive in a more personal and intimate way than ever imagined.

Experiential learning technology is a major emerging component of education worldwide. Safari will leverage teams with over 7 years of experience developing content for health care and interactive training, to become an acclaimed industry leader.

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