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Safari Network Centers will be opened in cities throughout the United States. Each location will be established in handpicked locations with bustling economies. We want to be where the business and entrepreneurs are.

Each location will be outfitted with a fully equipped audiovisual environment with seminar style seating and an environment that is both engaging and inviting. Upon arrival, members will be greeted by robust multi-media segments featuring members, allowing each event to feel unique and personal to each location.

Each networking center will host multiple monthly Business Development Events. Each event will offer multiple dates to accommodate our member’s schedules and offer flexibility. At these sessions, you will be a part of two fast-paced and high energy events, learning a wide variety of topics. Everything taught will be relevant, led by a professional and practical to be applied to businesses immediately. A professional can utilize the business development events to remain innovative and current on modern business tactics. New skills will be gained rapidly, new partnerships will be established and inspiration will arise.

Business Development Events cover subjects all across the board when it comes to running a business. Here you will learn how to leverage your contact book for business growth. You’ll pick up tools on project management. The topics covered will be vast and transformative.

Safari Success - Rapid Networking




Safari Rapid Networking Sessions are an efficient method of making an offer or request for access or resources to your peers. Each professional possesses lifetimes of abundant resources within their personal address books. When properly organized with improving communication skills and plans, they can help to compel each professional agenda to the next level.

Over just a few months a professional can greatly expand their professional and personal contact book. You will be able to access like-minded individuals, with personal introductions amongst peers.

Rapid Networking involves organizing participants into small circles, like a huge network of independent gear sets. Each circle will simultaneously spin off a member to another circle. Individuals will present to small groups accessing hundreds of receiving and capable brethren.

Relationships will be established that will lead to real material gain. R is a real-time, peer to peer experience that produces excellent momentum and productivity.


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